Money Managers Advisory

Money Managers Advisory specializes in managing portfolios of no-load, closed-end, EFT and mutual funds. Our management style calls for diversification among several different asset classes. A portfolio may have as few as three or as many as thirty different funds in the portfolio at any point in time. The number and type of funds will, of course, vary depending upon our clients’ goals, objectives, and tolerance for risk.

We believe our clients benefit from this “multi-fund” management style in several ways:

  1. A properly selected fund portfolio can provide greater, more cost-effective diversification than may be achieved using individual stocks and bonds.
  2. The “multi-fund” strategy enables the client to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the world’s most accomplished stock and bond managers, financial analysts and economists employed by the funds themselves. This “piggy-back” approach gives our client’s portfolio access to a much greater depth of input than any one firm could ever achieve on its own.
  3. We analyze and anticipate economic trends, current and future market conditions, and perform the vital asset allocation functions to help ensure that your dollars are placed in those funds most likely to benefit from those trends and conditions.

The Money Managers Advisory “multi-fund” approach, virtually unheard of a decade ago, is quickly becoming viewed as the most effective way to manage assets in the new, more volatile global economy. In the coming years, it is likely to be the choice for sophisticated investors and fiduciaries seeking superior risk-adjusted returns.

At Money Managers Advisory we practice a unique set of core beliefs that shape the way we work with our clients:

  1. There is no single investment principle more important than diversification. In our ever more volatile investment environment, a prudently managed portfolio must have the checks and balances that only diversification can provide.
  2. The key to generating profits over the long haul is preserving capital during periods of market uncertainty. Thus, our diversification efforts are specifically geared towards positioning your portfolio in such a way as to minimize the effects of even a “worst case” scenario.
  3. High returns do not always mean superior investment management. The key is the level of risk assumed in our clients’ portfolios. High returns, while only taking low or moderate risks, is the only reasonable benchmark against which performance must be measured. Our goal in managing your investment is to produce the highest “risk adjusted returns” possible.
  4. Our clients deserve clear communication. Our clients are regularly informed not only of what has happened, but why it’s happened and what is likely to happen in a manner clear, concise and free of the all-too-typical investment world double talk.