Money Managers, Ltd.

Money Managers Ltd. (MML), established in 1987, is a company of which both John and Nancy offer a full line of insurance products, including: life, health, disability, and long term care insurance, fixed, variable and equity-indexed annuities.

Money Managers Ltd. continuously researches investment options available to determine which ones are suited for our clients, as well as insurance companies to help determine which programs are the most competitive.

5 Ways MML Insures Investment and Insurance Portfolios:

Analysis of your current position versus your goals, objectives and risk tolerance

Design a model portfolio structured to outpace inflation and minimize current taxation while maximizing your potential to achieve your financial goals

Research to select the premiere investment and/or insurance company in their respective industry

Implementation complete all documentation needed

Monitoring through the use of the most technically advanced tools available in the estate planning industry today, we are able to balance your portfolio and reduce and/or discount your estate taxes.