Live Interviews

Nancy Coutu on Women & Retirement

Nancy discusses advice for women planning for retirement.

Nancy Coutu on Tax Deductions to Keep In Mind

Nancy discusses tax deductions that apply to people who: (1) are self-employed; (2) got a new job in 2016; (3) are homeowners; (4) had significant health care expenses.

Nancy Coutu on New Department of Labor Rule

Nancy joins a panel to discuss the impact of the new rule enacted by the Department of Labor under ERISA requiring investment advisors to follow the Fiduciary Standard.

John Gajkowski on Recent Market Volatility

John Gajkowksi joins a panel to discuss possible causes of recent market volatility and how investors should react.

Nancy Coutu on the Stock Market Correction

Nancy Coutu joins a panel to discuss the current economic environment and the stock market correction.

Nancy Coutu on Investing for 2015

Nancy Coutu joins a panel discussion on market expectations for 2015 and how it may affect individual investors.

John Gajkowski with Strategies for Retirement Planning

Certified Financial Planner John Gajkowski from Money Managers Financial Group provides Retirement Planning tips for all age groups.

Panel Discussion on “Covering Your Assets

Nancy Coutu joins Gerri Willis and other financial professionals in discussing several current market-related topics.

Nancy Coutu With Last Minute Tax Tips

Certified Financial Planner Nancy Coutu from Money Managers Financial Group shares some last minute tax tips.

Save for retirement with these 6 easy steps: RETIRE

Certified Financial Planners Nancy Coutu and John Gajkowski from Money Managers Financial Group shared a simple acronym to make sure you’re ready for retirement.

Your Money Matters: Investment Strategies For All Ages

Guidelines and tips to help your retirement plan.

How to Make Sure Your Retirement Plan is Ready

Ready or not, retirement is going to happen. Nancy Coutu and John Gajkowski, certified financial Planners and Money Managers Financial Group founders shared five tips to make sure your finances are ready.

The Consumer’s Advocate

Nancy Coutu and John Gajkowski sat down with The Consumer’s Advocate to discuss Money Managers Financial Group.